An Illustrator script for exporting layers and/or artboards into separate files (PNG8 / PNG24 / EPS / PDF / SVG / JPG / FXG)
Makes pretty fractal designs. Duplicates the path element for each point in the source object. Then repeat the process for each new object, then
Named after “flower” from “fleur de lis”This script is a love child of spirographs and “Punk & Bloat” filters. Enter a percentage for “Fleurify”
This script compares the color values ​​of the selected CMYK object with built-in list of PMS solid colors and return closest match(es). Compare based
User selects two (or more) objects. This script copies the top object to the following position and size.All other selected objects.
User selects two (or more) objects. This script copies the top object to the following position and size of other selected objects.
This script will twist the control handles of an object by the same amount. Current tweakable options are:
groupOverlappingObjects.js Group all overlapping objects in the selection into separate groups. The definition of “overlap” is based on the object’s bounding box, not the
A quick way to sort the selected items by a specific attribute.For example, use this script to position elements from left to right based
RandomEyes.jsx This script will randomly generate animal eyes. This script has no manual settings. Just run it and you’ll get a pair of eyes.
The color palette randomizer script is a useful tool for designers who are looking for a quick and easy way to experiment with different
This modifies selected text fields in Adobe Illustrator. The script modifies the following attributes of the text: The user can select a linear range
This script combines selected text frames into one text frame. It sorts the selected text frames based on their position in the document and
In Adobe Illustrator, clicking on a layer’s name in the Layers panel does not select the layer. Rather, it activates the layer, making it
This script helps you clean up your Illustrator documents by removing empty paths and compound paths. Empty paths are paths that don’t have any
This illustrator script will break text frames text into separate words. Useful when preparing animation for AfterEffects, or as a versatile tool in your
Script palette window to launch scripts in Adobe Illustrator Placing a script in the Illustrator script folder, relaunching the application, and finding the script
scallopTemplate.jsx This script will place dots on selected object’s anchors. Run the script on the selected object and select both the object and the
RandomSwap.jsx This script is an Adobe Illustrator script that adds random instances of symbols to the position and size of selected objects in the
You can always use Object > Clipping Mask > Make but sometimes for performance reasons you want to actually crop an image. This Illustrator
This script is designed to help you easily remove empty layers from your Adobe Illustrator document. Layers are an important organizational tool in Illustrator,
Randomly select a percentage or specific number of objects from within thecurrent selection. Based on the Randomill Selection Function. This script can be used
This illustrator script will draw simple spirograph pattern using 2 circles as an input. A spirograph is a toy that uses straightforward mechanics to
This script will generate barcode. After downloading zip you should install provided font ocrb10.otf. Now you can run script named EAN-13.jsx
Script for removing selected anchor points. Excellent script to have in toolset when used with shortcut or with Script Launcher.
Finds out length of the each selected path or total length of the selected paths. Then writes it out on the artboard as text
This little snippet takes selection and randomizes fill color using swatches panel. Will accept grouped and nested items. Usage: select artwork you want to
This illustrator script generates Quick Response code, known as QR. Run the script, and give it a minute to crunch numbers. From all sources
Creates Metaball-like shapes Metaball-Arc uses arcs to connect. Metaball uses suitable bezier curves. How To Use Draw some circles and select them, then run this script. When
Extends all handles of selected anchor points with specified rate. 100 : original size120 : extend 20%80 : shorten 20%0 : remove handles-100 :
Divides each selected segment into specified number based on the length. The length of each segment is equally distributed.
Adds a new layer and draws dancing people on it. The dancers are made with various width of lines. So please remember to adjust
Draws circumcircles for each selected path. Method:The major reason why this script was written was to draw a “circumcircle” for a star.So the method
Draws a circle with specified number of anchor points. Useful tool to circumvent restrictive default tool. Adds required number of anchors points.