This site aims to be the ultimate resource for Adobe Illustrator(c) scripting. Here you will find regularly updated collection of scripts for all your creative needs.
If you find yourself doing the same task again and again, or you have an idea how to optimise your  workflow – get in touch, and we will provide solution.

Scripting resources

Illustrator is compatible with various scripting languages (including Microsoft Visual Basic, AppleScript and ExtendScript). You can develop your own scripts and add them to the Scripts submenu in addition to using the basic scripts that come with Illustrator.

ExtendScript is de facto standard to Adobe Illustrator scripting and is used in most scripts everywhere, including in this site.

Here you find some resources if you want to try writing illustrator scripts for yourself.

Official Adobe’s introduction to scripting.

Old, but still relevant scripting reference – very comprehensible and easy to navigate

Illustrator scripting guide by Adobe pdf – good for beginners

ExtendScript UI reference – an excellent book about arcane magic if you want to build an UI in illustrator or another Adobe’s product.

Amazing web based app to build UI for extend script